Thesis work and guidelines n' stuff

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Thesis work and guidelines n' stuff Empty Thesis work and guidelines n' stuff

Post  meerkeks on Thu 30 Jun 2011, 17:46

Your thesis (tea-sis not feces) is supposed to be written in the fourth term, starting in January and finishing at the beginning on June, or if you take longer, beginning of August.

The topic list is published on the embc official homepage in January (?) the year before and you start communication with the people in charge of the topic you are interested in. You MAY organise your own thesis-topic if you know people in places, the management is reasonably supportive.
PLEASE NOTE: Non-EU students are not allowed to do their thesis work outside of the EU, it's in the framework, there is no help. I think.

There might be money available to support your work and mobility, but you have to ask specifically. EMBC seems to be run like a no-profit company, or possibly a lots-of-loss company.

(will update when motivation to reserach strikes again)

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