Gambelas (campus) - Faro transportation

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Gambelas (campus) - Faro transportation Empty Gambelas (campus) - Faro transportation

Post  Lia on Sat 28 Aug 2010, 01:38


I have already found an apartment in Faro which, I know, is a bit far from our Campus, but I was told that the University provides daily buses from the campus to the city so I thought it would be better to live downtown... However, I've been searching over and over on the internet and simply can't find anything about routes and schedules of those buses. Does anyone know where I can find that information? I really wanted to know if the bus stops near my place....

Thanks in advance.



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Gambelas (campus) - Faro transportation Empty Transportation in Faro

Post  souzadias on Mon 30 Aug 2010, 00:43

Hi there lia!

check this link

hope it can help,


ps i might stop by your bar later in the week Wink


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